The Lead Generation Tool That Can Grow Your Email List Like Crazy

The Lead Generation Tool That Can Grow Your Email List Like Crazy

If you’ve spent any time in the entrepreneurial world you’ve heard it a dozen times, (probably more).

The importance of growing an email list.

The money is in the email list.

Your email list is a business asset.

Using Quizzes to grow your email list for business

Pst! This post contains affiliate links! That means I get a commission from any purchases you make (at no extra cost to you). I’ll only recommend dope stuff that i’ve tested and truly find valuable. Scouts honor.

Now before we move ahead, I want to make something extremely clear.

Despite the pedestal that list subscriber numbers are placed on, just like any other vanity metric (Facebook Likes, Instagram likes, Pinterest Followers), you can have a million subscribers, but if they’re not engaged or interested you won’t see any results from a large email list.

You could have a list of 300 targeted, highly engaged subscribers and see more results than a larger list, whether it’s in the form of revenue, people answering your market research questions, or them spreading brand awareness for you.

So don’t panic about not having a 100,000+ email list.

Whew, PSA over, let’s move on.

Unless you’re into buying subscribers or stealing emails from some less than savory means (don’t do that), you need a way to grow your email list. But we’re living in an age where there’s no shortage of information and content and people are being bombarded with ads and buy now campaigns.

In this post I discussed how people are more cautious about letting people all up their inbox and who they actually open and engage with, so a simple “sign up for my newsletter” typically doesn’t convert very well.

You could create a PDF. Some type of guide or training, and those can convert very well if done with the right market research and forethought put into it.

However, how many times have you signed up for a free PDF just to have it collect digital dust in your inbox? Or you download it, peek at it, and then it disappears into your computer folder, forgotten and unused?

Here’s the thing, we all know a humans attention span is short (are you still with me here?), but the cure for overcoming that when it comes to lead generation for your business?

Interactive content my friend.

Coming in the business sphere like the superhero we’ve all been praying for. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “81% agree that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content.”

That means business owners are finding that when they engage their audience from the very beginning, they tend to continue staying engaged throughout their buyers journey.

According to SnappApp interactive content is “content that requires the participants’ active engagement — more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about.”

Interactive content is a fantastic way to build your email list, and there’s a low cost, high converting way to create interactive content!


They’re good for more than just finding out which Harry Potter House you belong to (Ravenclaw) or what your favorite color means about your relationship as it turns out.

Quizzes are fantastic for getting your audience engaged from the very start and building your email list. As a matter of fact, people have reported having as much as a 10x increase in their lead conversion rates!

Not convinced? Check out this Youtube video where Neil Patel coughs up his secret and chats about how he uses quizzes for lead generation in his funnel here.

On top of that, you can segment and target your audience based on their specific results, use the data from quizzes for market research, and redirect your audience to personalized content.

While humans may be short on attention, we’re a curious species, which is why quizzes tend to convert so well.

You might have heard the term “give them an easy yes” in terms to having a potential lead take action. A quiz is an easy yes. It’s fun, interactive, and people often can’t help it.

After all, there’s rarely any harm in “I just want to see what it’ll say”.

Think about the last time you took a Buzzfeed or OMG quiz. Did you really need to know what you would look like in the 80’s? I’d bet the answer is no. But were you curious to see?

Did you really think an online quiz could predict what your love life would look like in 25 years based off of your profile picture? But were you curious to see what it might say anyway?

Curiosity is a powerful motivator.

Alright- so quizzes, awesome, fun, high-converting. But expensive? Time Consuming? Complicated?

Good news.

Nope for all three.

Although there aren’t a whole bunch of people using quizzes to build their email list (yet), there are lot of software and sites out there to help you build one.

One of the easiest ones to use however? Interact.

Time is precious, and while you could DIY it and tape together different forms and links together to build a quiz, you could also make your life and the process much easier and just use Interact which has all the features you need to not only build a quiz, but integrate it with your email list.

Interact lets you build scored quizzes, assessment (multiple choice) quizzes, and the ever popular personality quiz, either from a template, or from scratch. Once they’re finished you can give them several different CTA’s.

  • You can capture their email to see their results and enter them in a sales funnel

  • Have links to different content based off of their results (for example, if they took a “what kind of biz should you start”, if their result was “coach”, the link could send them to a blog post on how to start a coaching business. If their result was “virtual assistant”, you could link to a podcast of how to start a VA business, etc).

  • Encourage them to share their results on social media

  • Link to a course or service that would best match them

  • Direct them to a chatbot subscription for their results

The possibilities are honestly quite endless. You can also use the data captured to for some awesome analytics and insight on your audience. Much easier (and more interesting) than a static marketing survey.

“But is a quiz ‘professional enough’ for my business?”, you ask?

When most people think of quizzes they tend to think of Buzzfeed because they’ve taken the quiz market by storm, but “what kind of stripper name would you have” doesn’t really sit well for most businesses.

However, quizzes can work for a wide variety of businesses, even those who have a more traditionally professional brand (private doctors, therapists, career coaches, etc). For example Cultivate Balance has a quiz that helps you identify “what’s up with your digestion”.

Although personality quizzes (“which type of XYZ are you”?) tend to be the most popular, you don’t have to build a personality quiz. Like I mentioned earlier, Interact has templates for 3 different types of quizzes that can be used in different ways.

Such as using an assessment quiz to qualify leads. For example: “Are you ready to hire a copywriter?” or “Group coaching vs private coaching: which one is right for you?”

Or you could create a quiz to “test their knowledge”, and believe it or not, people love a challenge. You could create a scored quiz like “how much do you know about the Keto Diet?” or “Are you a true Law of Attraction Guru?”

Again, the possibilities are endless. Dope, right?

If you’re still on the fence about creating a quiz for your business, the good news is Interact is soooooo simple to use. You can try it out for free here, build a quiz (and with their templates it makes it insanely quick) and test out if it work for you and your biz.

Easy peasy! Make your own quiz for your business with Interact and let me know how quizzes work out for you!

How To Use Quizzes To Grow Your Business Email List
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