4 Reasons Your Sale Page Copy Isn't Converting (that has nothing to do with the actual words)

4 Reasons Your Sale Page Copy Isn't Converting (that has nothing to do with the actual words)

You’ve created something amazing, and you know you're going to need equally amazing words to sell that something. So you type up your best hand at copy, publish your landing/web page aaaannnnndddd….nada.

The not so lovely sound of crickets.

If you're pretty confident the words are hitting all of its marks, then there might be a few not so obvious things going on with your copy that’s tanking your conversion ranks.

So let’s put on our detective hats and uncover some of those hidden culprits.

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1st possible culprit: You’re speaking to the wrong people

Believe it or not you can have phenomenal copy written for the completely wrong audience.

If you’re trying to point the wrong traffic to a sales page or website that they don’t connect with you’ll see some dismal conversion rates.

You won’t be speaking on their pain points, you’ll most likely completely miss the emotional marks, and you might not even be solving a problem they have.

For example: if your course is for people who are ready to scale their business to 7 figures, then funneling startup’s, people who are still figuring out their offers/business structure, or someone still validating their business idea isn’t likely to convert the way you’d like.

Or they could be your perfect client/customer but they’re not yet in the stage where they’re ready to buy. Like targeting a Facebook ad for a premium priced offer to a completely cold audience (don’t do it).

(Keep in mind, your ideal client could change depending on your offer- like if you have entry level courses on photography and also advanced level courses.)

If you’re having trouble identifying your target audience, read this post.

2nd possible culprit: you haven’t validated your offer

True story, I had once created a whole ebook (or what I called a “self-care menu”) for single moms during a previous business venture. Spent quite some time on it too; tinkering with the format and colors on Canva, looking for the right stock photos, editing the content, etc.

And you know what happened after all that hard work? Well nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Why? I hadn’t actually asked my audience what they wanted or needed from me. I did a lot of assuming. So even though the copy was emotionally compelling and detailed, they weren't interested in the offer itself.

If you're thinking "how am i supposed to validate an offer" you can start by making sure you're routinely surveying your audience and listening to what they say their challenges are.

Build your offers around things they've expressed they need a solution for instead of guessing.

You can also validate an offer by preselling a course (before you create the content for it), creating a survey using Typeform or SurveyMonkey, or hopping on coffee chats with your audience and asking.

If you'd like some more information on validating a course this article here is helpful.

Possible culprit 3: No one has even seen it

Now I'm a true believer that you don't need a huge list or audience to have a successful business or make any sales.

Quality > quantity and all that jazz.

But, you still need somebody. You can't sell to ghosts, unless that's your niche- in that case you do you.

Probably scarier than creating an offer is actually letting the world know that it's available. You'll have to do more than just publish the landing page and put a post or two on social media.

That’s a huge step outside of people’s comfort bubble.

But it's time to be brave and let the world see your gift.

You gotta market.

Take some time to create a lead generation plan to drive traffic to your page. You can do this several different ways but it usually begins with creating high value content to attract them.

If you've written a sales page, you can create a sales funnel and generate traffic by offering things like:

Or some other form of free value.

Check your analytics on a regular basis to see where your traffic is coming from, and if it's a web page monitor what actions they take and where they tend to drop off.

Possible culprit number 4: You've been relying on ads too much

There is a lot of noise out there on the interwebz about how a brand new 6 week old business had a 7 figure, 3 day launch using some kind of paid advertisement.

And you know what, ads can really boost your business into the multi figure stratosphere when done correctly.

Also, Facebook and Instagram are trying to make their money so they’re doing all the can to push for paid ads on their platforms.

But just because you can pay to get people to see your landing page doesn’t mean you can pay to get them to convert.

The vicious cycle of paying for ads has made a lot of people forget the foundation work needed prior to even considering spending any money. I mean, why worry when you can just retarget them?

The issue becomes glaringly painful once your start taking a closer look at the analytics and breaking down the return on investment. Unfortunately people find that they’ve barely broke even when they compare their ad spend to their revenue or worse, they’ve lost money.

Make sure before you use ads to drive traffic, you’ve done the crucial behind-the-scenes work like identifying your target audience, verified your offer, and warmed up your audience.

Look out for these culprits if you feel absolutely confident that it’s not the copy itself. But remember, it never hurts to get a second opinion on it too ;-)

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