Content isn’t king anymore…

Trust is.

You need copy that:

  • reassures your reader that you are the one who has the solution

  • inspires action and purchases

  • shares your value and message crystal clear

You need copy that builds trust AND makes you money.

You gotta put those words to work.

Buuuut… writing conversion copy like that takes time and skill.

You have a business to run, people who need you out there sharing your gift, and a Netflix “watch later” list that would like your attention.

I specialize in writing copy for those ready to start building connections and relationships with their audience instead of fear mongering them into becoming resentful customers.

It is possible to have high converting copy that’s customer-centric, value-based, and comes from a heart of service without traditional tactics that use false scarcity, bro-marketing persuasion hacks, and overly aggressive call-to-actions.



Don’t stress about the copy, stay focused on your zone of genius and let me handle the rest. Here’s how we can work together…

Sales Page (3).png
Sales Page (2).png

Alright you savvy empire builder! Now that you’ve gotten your copy handed off to a pro, you can go plan for your next big business move (or binge Netflix, no judgment either way)

That content life testimonial

But Wait! I have questions...

How does this work?  After you fill out the application, we'll schedule a Zoom call and we'll chat about what your needs. If we’re a match I’ll send over the fun stuff like the contract and then presto! I write it for you. When it's completed you'll receive what’s called a copy deck; basically a fancy document with your text (and relevant info) and you can copy/paste the text where it needs to go. If you have some edit’s, I offer up to 2 rounds of revisions with no extra charge.

I'm worried the copy won't "sound" like me if someone else writes it. I understand the importance of consistency, brand cohesiveness, and just how important your business is to you. That's why during our call we'll talk in detail about your branding, your audience, and your vision to ensure any copy I create for you fits seamlessly.

Do you only work with women? I’m all about that hashtag girl power, and I'm also really passionate about giving mom bosses a helping hand; that being said, I'm more than happy to work with men folk if they find me a good fit!

Do you offer other services? For writing? Possibly; send me an email and we'll discuss it. 

I hear you're an anime nerd. What's your favorite show? I live for Full Metal Alchemist and Tokyo Ghoul. I'm also a huge Naruto fan too (Hidden Leaf forever, don't judge me). I also nerd out to other stuff like Harry Potter, basically ANY documentary, and all things philosophy. Don’t be shy, we can geek out together on my Instagram.